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Makes Leaf Removal and Yard Clean-Up a Breeze!

yardToteHome.jpgIf you’ve spent any time raking leaves and other yard waste, you know what a hassle and drudgery it is to bend down and hold the leaf bag open as you struggle inefficiently to shove the leaves into the bag. Lawn and leaf bag holders make it easier by holding the leaf bag open for you, but you still have to “bend and pick up” the leaves by hand.

Leaf baggers do help to get some leaves into the bag with a rake but you still have to manually fill and pack leaves in to completely fill the leaf bags. Paper leaf bag openings are constrictive, and the bags are tall, so filling them is very tedious and frustrating. And paper/plastic “1-time-use” disposable leaf bags are significantly more costly vs. the YARD TOTE bag which you can use over and over again.
YARD TOTE is the clever invention which finally makes yard cleanup and leaf removal a cinch, by providing a wide mouthed, super-sized, reusable lawn bag that quickly stakes to the ground for easy filling by raking leaves and yard waste directly into it, at a rate far surpassing any other leaf removal products. The “rake-in” feature of the YARD TOTE lets you do the job in a fraction of the time!

For disposal, simply dump the full YARD TOTE bag on your compost pile, set it at the curbside when you have pick-up service, or haul it the recycling center. Yard clean up has never been this easy and efficient!   

YARD TOTE is the size of four large plastic leaf bags and holds up to 17 bushels of leaves and yard waste. And two steel stakes are included. Unlike leaf baggers, lawn bag holders and other yard cleanup products, YARD TOTE also has other handy uses, such as Yard/Garden Stakes, Vehicle Floor Mat and more. At only $19.95, YARD TOTE is far more effective than any leaf removal or yard cleanup product in its price range. Order extra YARD TOTE bags for only $12.95 each to double or triple your hauling capacity and save many trips to the recycling center.   

The drudgery of filling lawn and leaf bags by hand is over.  Trying to rake leaves into the narrow opening of your leaf bagger is a thing of the past.  YARD TOTE is the fast, efficient way to remove yard waste.  Stop spending unnecessary time bagging leaves and start making your yard cleanup quicker than you ever imagined. Once you’ve used your YARD TOTE, you’ll never rake leaves without one again!  When the YARD TOTE is full, simply pull up the stakes and use the strap handles to carry or drag your YARD TOTE bag to wherever you dispose of yard waste. And don’t forget, YARD TOTE goes beyond lawn and leaf cleanup with a wide variety of handy uses.

If you do any lawn and garden work requiring you to rake and gather any kind of yard waste, from tree branch trimmings and bush clipping to leaves and pinecones, YARD TOTE is a time saving yard clean up solution you can’t afford to be without. YARD TOTE is the most effective and versatile leaf removal, lawn clean up and yard waste removal device you will EVER buy for $19.95. The time of out-dated lawn bag holders and leaf baggers has passed.  The era of YARD TOTE has begun. Order your YARD TOTE today and start saving time, money and energy by making your yard clean up easy, painless and efficient. Start enjoying your beautiful yard now with a little less hassle.