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The Patented Leaf Removal Device Making Yard Clean-Up Easy

YARD TOTE is a patented yard waste removal product helping homeowners, landscapers and gardeners save time and energy on leaf removal and other yard cleanup. YARD TOTE sets up in mere seconds and with its wide-mouthed, staked opening, is much more efficient than any other leaf bagger or yard waste removal product in the market. Simply rake leaves and yard waste directly into your YARD TOTE. Eliminate the backache bending, and awkward filling of standard leaf bags.  Once you discover the timesaving features and benefits, the versatility and ease of use of your YARD TOTE, you can forget about those yard cleanup products costing hundreds of dollars and cluttering up your garage, while not delivering the simple yard waste removal efficiency of your YARD TOTE.   

Order your YARD TOTE today to make yard cleanup a breeze.  After you’ve seen how much easier YARD TOTE makes raking leaves and other yard waste, you will never again rake leaves without a YARD TOTE.  Now is the time to get this simple, innovative product that will last you for years. There is no assembly required and garage storage is nil.  So simple, so versatile, so perfectly efficient, YARD TOTE makes yard clean up and leaf removal easier than you ever imagined. And remember, the two steel stakes are included.

YardTote staked open

Stake the Tote - Takes only seconds

  • Push the stakes into ground through the eyelets – easy with built-in footpad
  • Stakes hold TOTE snugly to the ground and open at top
  • Move and reset tote if needed
Raking leaves into Yard Tote

Rake in the Leaves and Clippings

  • TOTE stays open for easy "rake-in" filling
  • Stakes hold TOTE securely
  • Super-sized capacity – hold 17 bushels of leaves and yard waste
  • Holds as much as 4 very large plastic trash bags
  • Fills in a fraction of the time of leaf bag holders
carry the leaves in the yardtote bag

dumping leaves out of the Yard Tote Bag

Take It Away  

  • Pull out stakes - very quick and easy to do
  • Moves easily with TOTE attached strap handles
  • Full TOTE sits upright
  • Simply dump the full TOTE to empty
Yard Tote clean up bag is easy to fold up

Folds for Easy Storage

  • TOTE bag - 44 in.W x 24 in.H x 35in.L
  • Quality made, heavyduty Polyfabric
  • Lightweight, only 2 pounds
  • Brass eyelets in corners
  • Steel stakes – 3/8 in. dia x 27 in. long